Hidden Rock

The Wineries
The 2009 crop went to Evesham Wood Vineyard, Haden Fig Winery, Stone Wolf Vineyards, Troon Vineyards, and Walnut City Wineworks. We are looking forward to seeing how each of these wineries make their own distinctive wine from the fruit.

The 2007 fruit went to Walnut City Wineworks and Tori Mor Winery and has not yet been released.

The 2006 fruit went to all of the those below and to Torii Mor Winery. This fruit was released mid 2008. Look for the Walnut City Wine Works Reserve 2006 and Torii Mor Eola-Amity Hills Blend. The Torii Mor product has been rated by Wine Spectator at a 92. The label indicates that 1/3 of the fruit came from Hidden Rocks Estate. So a goal has been atttained; the vineyard name on a major Oregon Pinot Noir bottle. It is on the back label, but it is on a label.

The 2005 first harvest went to three wineries; Quercus LLC, Walnut City Wineworks, and Methven Family Wines. Quercus has released the Hiddenrocks fruit under their Rock Creek label. Walnut City Wineworks and Methven Family wines have put the fruit in their reserve labels.

This bowl of fruit was picked in the first harvest, 2005. The sun is still low in the east. The sun and the dew on the grapes give it that icy look.