The Wineries
The 2009 crop went to <a href=”“>Evesham Wood Vineyard</a>, <a href=””>Haden Fig Winery</a>, <a href=””>Stone Wolf Vineyards</a>, <a href=””>Troon Vineyards</a>, and <a href=””>Walnut City Wineworks</a>. We are looking forward to seeing how each of these wineries make their own distinctive wine from the fruit. </p>

The 2008 fruit went to :

<p>The 2007 fruit went to <a href=””>Walnut City Wineworks</a> and <a href=””>Tori Mor Winery</a> .

The 2006 fruit went to all of the those below and to <a href=”” title=”Torii Mor Winery”>Torii Mor Winery</a>. This fruit was released mid 2008. Look for the Walnut City Wine Works Reserve 2006 and Torii Mor Eola-Amity Hills Blend. The Torii Mor product has been rated by Wine Spectator at a 92. The label indicates that 1/3 of the fruit came from Hidden Rocks Estate. So a goal has been atttained; the vineyard name on a major Oregon Pinot Noir bottle. It is on the back label, but it is on a label.

The 2005 first harvest went to three wineries;Quercus Wines; “Walnut City Wineworks”, and <a href=”” title=”Methven Family Wines”>Methven Family Wines</a>. Quercus has released the Hiddenrocks fruit under their Rock Creek label. Walnut City Wineworks and Methven Family wines have put the fruit in their reserve labels.